RM of Marriott

No. 317

Council & Staff

Rural Municipality of Marriott No. 317

Mailing Address:
PO Box 366
Rosetown, SK. S0L 2V0

Physical Address:
207 Highway 4 North
Rosetown, SK. S0L 2V0

Telephone: 306-882-4030
Fax: 306-882-4401
Email: rm317@sasktel.net

Administrator: Samantha Herring
Assistant Administrator: Sheila Cole

Foreman: Ray McNally
Shop: 306-882-3009

RM of Marriott No. 317 Council:

Wes Cairns
Cell: 306-493-7100
Email: wccairns@sasktel.net

Division One Councillor:
Jack Ritchie
Cell: 306 831-5529
Email: j_e27@hotmail.com

Division Two Councillor:
Glenn McNally
Cell: 306-831-7803
Email: gmcnally@yourlink.ca

Division Three Councillor:
Rodney Mirosovsky
Cell: 306-831-7472
Email: rodney@yourlink.ca

Division Four Councillor:
Dianne Campbell
Cell: 306-831-6350
Email: dstcampbell@xplornet.ca

Division Five Councillor:
Daren Krchov
Cell: 306-831-5766
Email: dckrchov@sasktel.net

Division Six Councillor:
Bob Kahovec
Cell: 306-831-7996
Email: classicmakings@yourlink.ca