RM of Marriott

No. 317

Property Taxes
Property Taxes

2020 Property Taxes

Council has completed the annual task of adopting the 2020 Municipal Operating Budget, and setting the 2020 municipal mill rate(s) accordingly.

As a result, Council voted to keep taxation revenues similar in 2020 as compared to 2019. 

As a result of such the 2020 Municipal Mill Rates remain unchanged as follows:

  • Ag. – 6.6 Mills – Mill Rate Factor: 1 – Agriculture Mill Rate: 6.6 Mills
  • Res – 6.6 Mills – Mill Rate Factor: 1.25 – Residential Mill Rate: 8.25 Mills
  • Com – 6.6 Mills – Mill Rate Factor: 2.05 – Commercial Mill Rate: 13.53 Mills

Council works diligently to balance limited financial resources, while ensuring to provide RM ratepayers with the best possible infrastructure and resources while being as cost efficient and effective as possible.

Funding is continuing to be allocated to a savings account in order to ensure that some reserves are in place for future capital expenditures.

2020 Property Tax Discounts

Once again the following discounts will be provided for the municipal portion of your property tax payments in 2020:

  • If payment received before the end of Sept.: 5%
  • If payment received before the end of Oct.: 4%
  • If payment received before the end of Nov.: 2%
  • Payments received in December are not subject to an early payment discount.
  • There is no discount on school tax.

Taxes for the current year become arrears as of January 1, of each new year and a 1% penalty will be added to any unpaid balance on this date and the beginning of each month thereafter.