RM of Marriott

No. 317

Hay Salvage Along Municipal Roads
Hay Salvage

The RM of Marriott does its very best to not mow ditches prior to July 15th of each year, in order for adjacent property owners to have ample opportunity to cut desired ditches for hay salvage.

However, some years to alleviate safety concerns, ditches maybe mowed prior to July 15th at the discretion of the municipal foreman.

Similarly, to practice that works well within the RM of St. Andrews, Council requests that ANYONE wanting ditches left for hay salvage, MUST CONTACT the office prior to June 15th each year, and mark the ditches (on a map) that they would like to hay. Failure to do so, may result in the ditch being mowed at ANY TIME before you are able to cut it for hay. All ditch hay is to be cut prior to July 15th each year. All ditches marked for cutting, but uncut by July 15 of each year, will be mowed unless prior arrangements have been made.