RM of Pleasant Valley

No. 288

Animal Control

The Stray Animals Act (the Act) and The Stray Animals Regulations, 1999 (the Regulations) falls under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture. The Ministry of Government Relations provides some support to municipal officials concerning this legislation. There is a need to adequately deal with strays, provide for compensation for damage done by a stray and to recover the total cost of impounding and caring for a stray by municipalities.

It is the responsibility of all animal/livestock owners to ensure their animals are confined to their own property, and not running at large. Should an animal be running at large, it is subject to impoundment, and the sub sequential fees as per The Stray Animals Act.

Stray Animals Act

Stray Animals Guide

For concerns such as stray/at large animals, please contact your Division Councillor, or the municipal office for further direction.

The RM of Marriott Pound keeper is Saskatoon Livestock Sales – N½ 26-36-07 W3, or as designated on a case by case basis.

If you are concerned with the treatment of an animal please contact Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan 1-844-382-0002. info@animalprotectionservices.ca


Saskatchewan Environment

Injured, orphaned or rescued wild animals:
Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan
Hotline: 306.242.7177

Conservation Officer Services
Phone: 306-446-7416
Fax: 306-446-7464

Mailing Address:

E1600 – 1192 102nd Street
North Battleford, SK, Canada, S9A 1E9

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