RM of Pleasant Valley

No. 288

Controlled Burns

Planning a controlled burn?

Please call the Controlled Burn Centre

First Step: Call 1-866-404-4911 to notify provincial health and safety services

You will be asked to provide:

  • Your Rural Municipality number- RM 288 (Pleasant Valley)
  • Your land location (where you are burning)
  • Location details, such as direction, distance from urban centre
  • Your Fire Service Provider- Rosetown Fire Department and Fiske Fire Department
  • What you plan to burn
  • When and how long you plan to burn for
  • Your name and contact information

Please remember to check the weather and make sure you have proper fire guards in place prior to burning.

Visit Government of Saskatchewan Controlled Burns and Grass Fires for more information or read the Government of Saskatchewan Open Burning and Disposal of Wooden Structures Guideline brochure.

** Should you light a controlled burn without reporting, and the fire department be called, YOU WILL BE BILLED for the fire call. Always call before you burn**